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League of Angels Update v3.06: New Item: Soulstone Seeds and Blessed Stone Seeds


Update Time: Aug 20
New Version: V3.06

New Mount
A cute white cat, very lovely as a pet, and powerful as a mount!

New Wing
Cosmic Wings

New Item
Blessed Stone Seeds
Soulstone Seeds
These two kinds of seeds can be planted after this version update.

1. Players can start solo fights in Team Dungeon.
2. Add rewards in Team Dungeon. Players will get different rewards according to the number of his/her Team Dungeon party.
3. Add Arena challenge rewards. Players get corresponding rewards (including Soulstone Seeds) after challenging certain times.
4. Add Proficiency System in Gemology. You can get higher level Gem as your Proficiency level up.
5. Add new interactive gameplay in Elemental Zone.
6. Improve ranking rewards of Raiders, Tidal Pool and Gemology.
7. Players will get Blessed Stone Seeds instead of Warsouls in 600 Devotion rewards.
8. Little Helper can collect Challenge rewards in Arena.
9. Correct the skill description of Cedric----Increase Character’s DEF and ATK by 10% for 3 turns.

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