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League of Angels Update v3.0426: New Hero: Silver Queen


Update Time: Aug 13
New Version: 3.0426


New Hero
Silver Queen
Evolved from Nereida. Originated in the deep sea, she is gifted with great power!


New Clothing
Pirate Costume


New Wing
Intelligent Wing


New Item
1.Craft Master Energy Card
2.Fire Element Core Chest (Dazzling)
  Ice Element Core Chest (Dazzling)
  Electro Element Core Chest (Dazzling)
3.Lvl 13 Cherubstone


New Feature
Artifact Workshop


1.Optimize the resurrection effect of Pandora’s Mail and Mei Kaili’s Mail.
2.All fairies can be synthed after collecting enough rock/crest/stone shards.
3.Optimize display effects in Wheel of Luck.
4.Add event duration in Group Buy interface.
5.Players can synth Lvl 10 & Lvl 11 gems when character reaches Lvl 55 and Lvl 60 respectively.
6.Element Cores can only be bought 5 times daily in Element shop.
7.Add auto-battling in mainline tasks in Eternal Spire.


Fixed the bug that Moonlight Warlord can’t inherit from golden heroes.