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League of Angels Update v3.0418: New Hero: Fallen Angel


Update Time: Jul 30
New Version: 3.0418

New Hero
Fallen Angel
Evolved from Valentina. A stunning mage has come to strengthen your Battle Rating!

System Adjustment
Adjust the Unbreakable Bond Attribute of angels in training interface, that is, replace the current MATK and PATK with ATK, PDEF and MDEF with DEF.
New Item
Blue Dewdrop
Collect 7 Blue Dewdrops from August check-ins to exchange them for a mysterious grand prize!

1. Add tips that introduce the total stats after elements are trained in Element Training system.  
2. Adjust the size of Polar Bear-- it becomes bigger when you ride it. 
3. Optimize time display of Group Buy.
4. Optimize the display of total number of Aegis Shards players own.
5. Add model of Oracle Staff and Oracle Bow (Lvl 90 equipment set).
6. Optimize Little Helper function.  

Fixed the bug that Shield of Discord couldn’t remove debuff.