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League of Angels Update v3.09: New Mount Pegasus


Update Time: Jul. 9
New Version: 3.09

New Mount:

1. Fusion Gem can be upgraded to Level 10, 11now
2. Skill of King o’Bones and Blazing Soul is slightly adjusted
3. Add 1-click complete function for Bonding Quests in Unbreakable Bond
4. Add new map in Elemental Zone
5. Change skill of Victoriana into 100% chance of hitting
6. Improved the interface of Beach Treasure event
7. Add flashy light around the angels that can be unlocked
8. Add Tarot Card into Little Helper
9. Hide fairy in Divine Realm and optimized the loading mechanism
10. Imperial Weapon can be exchanged with 5, 000,000 gold
11. Recruit requirements of King o’Bones, Berserker Claw, Nereida, Blazing Soul are changed into 400 Ruby Herosoul and Hero Crest.
12. Improved Unbreakable Bonding feature to make it more powerful and Spring of Wisdom and Light Flint can be purchased in Shop now.
Fixed the description of 1-click train in Drills