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League of Angels Update v3.0402: New Feature-New Mount


Update Time:Jul 2 
New Version: 3.0402

New Feature:
Elemental Zone
Here you can realize elemental training and PVE feature 

New Mount:

1. Add Gold Dragon Egg in Check-in Interface.
2. Improve layout of Tavern and newly add Astrals Tavern.
3. Add a flash of light in Check-in when players haven’t check in yet
4. Improve equipment synth function. There will be a pop-up when there are more than one equipment can be synthesized. When the required level of the equipment synthesized is less than character level, it can be automatically equipped on character. When the required level of the equipment synthesized exceeds character level, it will be stored in inventory.

1.Fixed the bug that when equipped with Shield of Discord and Heaven’s Melody cannot open players cannot open the battle log sometimes.
2.Fixed the bug that elemental stats don’t show in hero interface.
3.Fixed some hero description bug.