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Update: League of Angels 3.0042


Update time: March 6

Version number: v3.0042


We will be updating League of Angels to Version 3.0042. Server 1 and Server 2 will be updated on March 6 at around 6:00 am EST (or 3am PST); the rest of the servers will be updated on March 7. The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete.


New Features

1. New system: Hero and Mount Upgrade.

Upgrade your heroes and mount to increase their stats and level their skills. For details regarding Hero and Mount Upgrade, please visit here.

2. New system: Raiders.

Explore and raid for Bless Stones, the key item for Hero and Mount Upgrade system. For details regarding Raiders, please visit here.

3. New system: Guild Boss.

Break the seal of the guild boss and fight with your guild members! For details regarding Guild Boss, please visit here.


The League of Angels Team