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League of Angels Update v3.0398: New Feature-New Bonus


Update Time: Jun 18
New Version: 3.0398

New Feature:
New Bonuses
This feature will be online when there is a new version updated. It lasts 3 days and you can not only get update bonus but also share your attitude towards this update.

New Item:
Gold Master Chest
Valuable Gem Chest

1.Dragonsoul Skill Adjustment on Warrior, Mage and Archer
2.Improvement on Unbreakable Bond
3.Add evolve button aside the mounts that can be evolved
4.Add corner mark on Fairy icon when there are collectable rewards in Fairy
5.Add server name and number in Cross-server Chat Box
7.Collectable rewards will be placed in the top of the reward list
8.Level requirement of functions in Little Helper is adjusted
9.Unlock level of Styx and Mikaela is changed into Level 10
10.Remove Elemental DMG buff in Fairy evolvement

Fixed the bug that 1-time VIP interface doesn’t show the discounted price when players are in Garden or some other systems.