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League of Angels Update v3.0396: New Mount Armored Rhino


Update Time: Jun 11
New Version: 9.0396

New Feature:
Unbreakable Bond
Unbreakable Bond makes Angels more connected. Different matches in Unbreakable Bond will produce different buff effects.

Illuminate your Angels and get blessed by them!

New Weapon:
Customized Champion Showdown Weapon
The weapons will be sent through in-game mail within one week

New Mount:
Armored Rhino

New Item:
Adv. Artifact Essence (used to upgrade Angel Artifact)

1.Add one click collect button in Fairy system
2.Increased the output chance of some skill-books in Awaken system
3.Separate Nectar amount owned by player from free attempt
4.Modify name of EXP Totem Chest. Name EXP Totem Chests according to their quality
5.Improve stability of Domination

1.Fixed the judgment bug that challenges in Pegasus and Phoenix are not counted in zodiac challenge times in hot events
2.Fixed the bug that Zodiac NPC cannot be triggered to fight sometimes.
3.Fixed the display bug of requirements in Astral Tavern.
4.Slightly decreased some Monsters’ Dodge rate.
5.Revised the description of Endurance
Endurance: Endurance will decrease the chance of receiving a Crit attack and decreases the damage caused by enemy's Crit

6.Fixed the description of Light Envoy/ Messenger of Darkness: delete the description that Dragon Fury stats effect will

be covered.