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League of Angels Update v3.0394: New Heroine Amazon Hawker


Update Time: Jun 4th
New Version: 3.0394

New Heroine:
Amazon Hawker (evolved from Amazon Hunter)

1. Heroic weapon can be exchanged now! Don’t need to worry about unsuitable weapon anymore! More weapon will be exchangeable in upcoming version.
2. Add Pegasus and Phoenix in Zodiac as well as Pegasus and Phoenix Aegis
3. Only top 1,000 players will be ranked in Clash of Might in Divine Realm
4. Twilight Tavern is now open to Lvl 40 players, and Astral Tavern is open to Lvl 50 players.

1.Fixed mount skill bug that the skill increases all party members’ attribute instead of only increases character’s attribute
2.Fixed the bug that Mount Evolution interface turns blank sometimes
3.Fixed prompt error in Aegis upgrade