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League of Angels Update v3.0393: New Hero Moonlight Warlord


Update Time: May 28

New Version: 3.0393

New Function:
Gem synth function has been optimized. 
New Hero:
Moonligt Warlord
New Flair:
Strength Talks Emblem (90 Days)
King of Rookies Emblem (90 Days)
New Wings:
New Fairy:
1.Battle effects of dodge, hit and crit have been optimized
2.Rare Item page in Forge has been optimized
3.Add description of Angel Artifact Chest
4.Inventory has been optimized
5.Mount display has been optimized
6.Decrease second and third World Boss'HP
7.Change World Boss’ class into Rouge
1.Fixed CD bug of skin skill in Cross-server Battle 
2.Fixed bug that battle log cannot replay
3.Fixed bug that Domination cannot proceed sometimes
4.Fixed incorrect answers in Quiz