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League of Angels Update v3.0390: New Angel Frigg


Update Time: May 21st
New Version: 3.0390

New Angel:

New Item:
1.Adv. Card Lotto Voucher and Mystery Card Lotto Voucher can be used to open middle and superior Chest in House of Cards
2.Artifact EXP Card Chest can be used to improve your angel Artifact

1.Added interactive mechanism and adjusted the reward rules, ranking rules and difficulty level of World Boss
2.The max character level is Lvl.95 now
3.The max level of Inferno is Lvl.85 now
4.The max level of Team Dungeon is Lvl. 95 now.
5.Added tips of 1 free attempt to open chest and countdown in Awakening System
6.Dodge+Hit Gem, Crit+Hit Gem, PATK+Crit Gem, MATK+Crit Gem can be exchanged now.
7.Removed Divine War Icon temporarily

Fixed incorrect answer in quiz