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League of Angels Update v3.0389: New Angel Serrin


Update Time: May 14th
New Version: 3.0389

New Angel:
Serrin is a LoA experienced players and serves as GM who has offered help to many players in game. Unfortunately, she

passed away two weeks ago. We extend our deep condolences to Serrin as well as heartfelt solicitude to her family. In her

honor, LoA create a new Angel in-game name after Serrin. We hope that this special Angel will forever remind us of her


New Event:
Champion Showdown (May 15 to May 22)

New Flairs:
Newly add eight flairs of Champion Showdown.

New Clothing:
Silver Fox

New Angel Artifact:
Newly add Shield of Discord and Heaven’s Melody as Angel Artifacts.

1. Flairs can be stacked as well as its attributes
2. Players can buy time card when one round of Tarot Cards ends.

1. Fixed BR decrease bug.
2. Fixed Tarot Card attempt bug.

3. Fixed Totem Battle log bug.