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League of Angels Update v3.0385: New Angel Hemera


Update Time: Apr 29
New Version: 3.0385


New Feature:
Recharge History Bonus(online on May 1)
As long as you once recharged for certain amount, you will get this bonus monthly.


New Item:
Angel Rename Card, Hero Rename Card, Fairy Rename Card


New Angel:


New Hero:


New Wings:
Wings of Spring


1. Added Hero backup mark and deployed fairy mark.
2. Added Guardian Angel mark.
3. Cancelled Flip Limit and adjusted proper Time Limit in Tarot Card.
4. Weakened punishing system in Tarot Card.
5. Added Royal Boots and Royal Ring Print in Cross-server Shop in Arena.


1. Fixed bug that Cherubstone doesn’t work in Team Arena.
2. Fixed bug that 1ST Recharge Icon doesn’t disappear when all the rewards are collected.
3. Adjust location of Gift Chest on Map.