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League of Angels Update v3.0383: Tarot Card Comes Back


Update Time: Apr. 23th
New Version: 3.0383

New Feature:
Tarot Card
Tarot Card comes back in this version. Find out what’s new in there.

New Clothing:
1. Medieval Armor
2. Servant’s Outfit

1.Dark Abyss highest level is maxed to lvl.170
2.Add Awakening System Icon
3.Optimized Capsule Toys Interface
4.Optimized Little Helper can help to collect rewards of World Tree, blessed others’ World Tree and water the couple’s love tree in Garden Feature.
5.Battle log can be saved for 7 days in single server, and 5 days in cross server.
6. Imperial Gear can be upgraded to Adv. Imperial Gear in Forge

1.Fixed the error of ranking rewards in Cross-server Clash of Might
2.Corrected description of Dragon Queen Emblem
3.Fixed the image displaying error of some evolved Heroes.