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League of Angels Updates v3.0374 ​​: New Event Easter Bunny


Update Time: Apr 1
New Version: 3.0374

New Event:
Easter Bunny

New Hero:
Dragon Whisper
Dragon Whisper is descendant of ancient dragon clan. She is slim and pretty. Most importantly, she inherits excellent dragon-driving power and ancient witchcraft. 

1.Little Helper: Wyrm Race and Raiders are newly added to Little Helper.
2.Zodiac: Buff of Virgo and Leo has been corrected
3.Check-in: Add Activate VIP link in Check-in interface.
4.Synth: Upgrade Heroic Gear can be synthed now.

1.Fixed debuff effect of Snow Queen and Fire Queen in battle.
2.Corrected skill description of Snow Queen and Fire Queen.
3.Corrected description of Chest of Galaxy Ring.