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League of Angels Updates v3.0372 ​​: New Angel Eostre


Update time: Mar. 26th
New Version: V3.0372

New Quest Level:
Quest level is increased to Lvl. 100. Character level is maxed to Lvl.94.

New Mount:
Jade Dragon

New Angel:
Eostre, the Spring goddess, appears in League of Angels. She’s beautiful and powerful! 

New Fairy
Little Snow Queen
Cute and ambitious fairy, Little Snow Queen, comes from far away. She is a time traveler. She wants to grow up and become Snow Queen, but she is deemed to be what she looks like forever.

New Equipment:
Lvl. 90 Set Equipment 

1.New Check-in brings you unexpected surprise! 
2.In-game Feature Icon can be put into folders as you like.

1. Fixed Skill Release Bug of Crescent Elf.
2. Fixed bugs that players attack their own people in Team Arena.