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League of Angels Updates v3.0363 ​​: New Item Flashy Cards


Update Time: Mar.3rd
New Version:3.0363

New title: 
Fresh supreme titles coming out! God-like and Zeus. Go for it!

New item:
Flashy Cards 
Flashy Cards are newly added in House of Cards! They are important time-limited cards. When the event ends, Flashy Cards will no longer exist. Make full use of it to swap for what you want in each round of House of Cards!

1.Donation in Alliance can be maxed to 10 million each ‘Max’ click.
2.New Clothes Elvish Spring is added to Bling showcase.
3.Processes of Angel Evolution, Hero Upgrade, and Equipment Enchant are shortened. It really saves much time. Check it out now.

1.Eliminated wrong announcement in Alliance of Divine Realm when the Demonic War is on.
2.Fixed the bug of no flashing prompt in Alliance Chat.
3.Fixed the bug that some players cannot get wages.
4.Fixed Merit deduction bugs in Divine War Shop.
5.Fixed incorrect name display of Nocturna.