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League of Angels Updates v3.0360 ​​: New Angel Elena


Update Time: Feb 11
New Version: 3.0360

New Event: 
Valentine’s Chocolate
Valentine’s Chocolate starts on Feb 12.

New Clothing: 
1. Elvish Spring
Elvish Spring is a special costume for Spring Carnival. It is suitable for Spring season with Chinese classical style.
2. Cupid
Cupid is the new wings in game. Hope it brings you love and romance. 

New Angel: Elena
Elena, daughter of Victoriana and Raphael, shines with three pairs of wings. Surrounded in the flames of spirits, she brings the power of revelation to the land.

New Mount:
Fawkes is an ancient phoenix who lives a long time. He is frank and passionate. Summon him and start a wonderful journey!

1.Char box is fixed now.
2.Guild boss becomes stronger than before.
3.Monsters in Gauntlet become stronger than before.