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League of Angels Updates v3.0356 ​​: New Heroine Valentina


Update Time: Feb. 5th

New Version: 3.0356 

New Heroine:


Valentina comes specially for Valentine's Day celebration. She is charming and sexy. Be brave and invite her to your Party!

New Mount:


White is decent and arrogant. How can a gentleman or a princess doesn’t get White as his or her mount? 

New Fairy:


Astrid, a lovely and beautiful fairy, is likely to be a fashionable companion in LoA.

New Fashion:

Lover's Reunited 

New Totem:

Divine Totem


1.Open Skill Chains Guide in Awakening system.

2.Temporarily close Tarot Card. Players can collect a free basic reward in Little Helper everyday.

3.Add Use in bulk Function in Inventory.