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League of Angels Updates v3.0348​​: New Event Lucky Tree


Update time: Jan. 22nd
New Version: 3.0348

New Event:
Lucky Tree
Brand new event Lucky Tree is coming! Come to find out what it will be.

New Item:
1.Lucky Coin

1.VIP system is optimized. All players are welcomed to activate VIP directly by diamonds.
2.Icon of House of Cards is changed into the image of Lunar Priestess.
3.Add 600 Devotion rewards, including Gold x300k, Warsoul x15k, Seraph’s Stone x10, Blessed Stone x10, and Angel Tears x6
4.Add Element Crystal in Arena Shop. The price is 3 Arena Badges for 1 Element Crystal. The daily max purchase quantity is 30.
5.Add new features display in Astral.
6.Add Popup message of ways to get more Blessed Stone when it is insufficient.
7.Add Newer guide for Craft Master and Awakening system.

Cross-server Tournament will open on Jan. 25th

Skill Book-Skeleton Shield is changed into Skill Book-Odin's Grace.