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Update: League of Angels 1.9504


Update Time: January 23rd 2014 8:00 AM EST

Version Number: v1.9504


Dear Players,

We will be updating League of Angels on the 23rd of January at 8:00 AM EST. This update will not affect your progress in game. To enjoy the new update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete.


New Features:

1. Added new Guardian Angel system.

    For details about Guardian Angel system, click here.

2. Added Advanced Gemology.

    Advanced Gems, including Block Gem, Dodge Gem, END Gem, Crit Gem, and Hit Gem, can be obtained from     Adv. Gemology, unlocked at Level 45. 

3. Added New Player Rewards system

4. Added Emblem Synth system

    Emblem Cores can be synth’ed into Emblems at the Forge.

5. Added Garden Logs.

    You can now track what happens in your Garden.

6. Added a new mount: Royal Unicorn.

    Royal Unicorn Soul will be released in future events.

7. Added a new angel: Angelina

    Angelina's Icon will be released in future events.



1. The Benefit System is now unlocked at Level 10.

2. You can now get Angel Tears through Wyrm Race.

3. Level 55 to 85 Solo Dungeons have a chance to give Angel Tears now.