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League of Angels Updates v3.0331​​: New Hero Snow Queen


Merry Christmas!
Update Time: Dec 25
New version: 3.0331

New Hero:
Snow Queen

New Event:
1. Year in Review
At the end of the year, we thank all the players in-game all over the world for your devotion and suggestions. We are glad to share the encouraging information with all of you in Year in Review, and have prepared some wonderful events. Hope you keep enjoying our game.
2. Cross-server Diamond Roulette 
The most exciting event of the year is coming! Cross-server Diamond Roulette offers players great amount of diamonds and many other rare items. Everyone has free draws to win diamonds. 

New Item:
1.Buff Potions such as Aquarius of Angel and Spring of Grace.
2.Constellation Flair

Event Configuration:
1.Group Buy
Select the resource you need and buy it in Group Buy. The more the resource is purchased by players the lower the price is.
2.Loralei’s Wardrobe
Great chance to get your angles new fashions! Dress your angel up and celebrate the coming of new year. 

1.Correct bug of Mysterious Candy Effect.
2.Correct some description of Awakening Skill.
3.The minimum level of using Awakening Stone is adjusted to Lvl. 70.