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League of Angels Updates v3.0329​​: New Angels Varda and Isolde


Update Time: Dec. 18th

Version Number: 3.0329
New Event:
Christmas Party
LoA is holding a Christmas Party! Treasure Hunt, World Boss, Christmas Chest and Christmas Shop are all available here. Various items and gifts awaits you in the Party. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

New Angel:
Varda and Isolde will be available in later events.
Angel Level Adjustment:
1. Varda: Highest available is Lvl. 90
2. Isolde: Highest available is Lvl. 85
3. Victoriana: Highest available is Lvl. 90
4. Athena: Highest available is Lvl. 95
5. Raphael: Highest available is Lvl. 90
6. Claudia: Highest available is Lvl. 75
Skills Adjustment:
Skills of Athena and Raphael cannot be dodged.
New Hero:
Dragon Empress and Santa will be available in later events.
New mount:
Crystal Reindeer
New Fairy:
Little Reindeer, Gingerbread Man and Snowball will be available in later events.
New Fashion:
Superior Santa Clothes
New Item:
New Artifact and upgraded Mysterious Candy will be available in later events. 
Battle report is more detailed.
Score of Tarot Card is adjusted.
Correct description of skills data after character is awakened.