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Update: League of Angels 1.90


Update Time: January 17th 2014 8:00 AM EST

Version Number: v1.90


Dear Players,

We will be updating League of Angels on the 17th of January 8:00 AM EST. This update will not affect your progress in game. To enjoy the new update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete. 


New Features
1. New Mount “Lycorax”

2. New Clothing “Incinerator”

The mount and clothing can be obtained through our new event. 

For details, click here.

3. Added new Lvl. 61 – 70 town treasure chests
4. Added new Emblem System. Click on Char -> Emblem to view.
5. Midnight Tavern has opened. 



1. Optimized Guild Flag Raising feature. 

Decreased the cost of raising the flag and increased the rewards for doing so. 

Players who have donated for Guild Flag will get the Gold compensation through in-game mail after the update is implemented.


Bug Fixes
1. Fixed wording errors in the friends lookup interface. 


-The League of Angels Team