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League of Angels Updates v3.0318: New Hero Messenger of Darkness


Update time: November 27th

Version number: 3.0318

We will be updating to Version v3.0318. All servers will be updated on November 27th. The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is completed.


New Features:

1. New system, Hero Skills will be released. Enjoy this new system, and improve your B.R.

2. New hero, Messenger of Darkness, who evolves from Light Envoy, has been added into Recruit and will be available in upcoming events.

3. New Fashion, Deadly Shadow and Wings of Vengeance will be available in upcoming events.


New Items:

Sipiritsoul Totem Chest (Ruby), and Fire Totem Chest (Ruby) have been added to the game.



1. Tarot interface has been improved.

2. Angel interface has been updated.



1. Fixing the bug of rewards collection of Gemology and Clash of Mights.

    The reset time of these two features will be adjusted to 00:00am.

2. Revising the description of Lvl.6 Pisces skill, which previously showed "revive 2x perished heroes".

3. Fixing the bug of Astral Tavern, where possessed hero crest is not shown.