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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Token for 2018 World Cup Event


Update Time: June 13th
New Version: V3.90

New Amulet:
Adv. Titan's Pillar (Earthshaker)

New Token:
1.Matryoshka Doll
The two exclusive tokens for the 2018 FIFA World Cup event
Let's cheer for our favorite teams and players! Win items from exciting daily events that can then be redeemed for items (for certain events only)!
1.Flaring Heart and Core of Constraint can be bought up to 100 times a day from Doomsday Shop.
2.Increased the Alliance Announcement word limit.

1.Fixed the display bug of Unbreakable Bond for Angels.
2.Fixed the display bug of attributes of new fairy Soccer Angel.
3.Fixed the display bug of the default map in Homestead.

The World Cup Wager event will be available after the update. Don’t forget to place the bets before the match starts.