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Update: League of Angels 1.67


Update Time: January 8th 2014, at 7:00

Version Number: v1.67


Dear Players,


We will be updating League of Angels on the 8th of January. This update will not affect your progress in game. To enjoy the new update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete.



1. New Benefits system for Angel Bonding, Alchemy, Gemology, Tidal Pool, Wyrm Race, Arena, Garden and Clash of Might. 



1. Added new item “Use” function:
Angel Tear, Holy Crystals, Gems, Dragon Crests, and Arena Emblems now have a “use” function that appears after left clicking on the item. After clicking “use” the player will be directed to the relevant interface in order to use the item.

2. Loading screen now has a playable game to kill the boredom.

3. Optimized loop quest descriptions.

4. Optimized tutorial.

5. Optimized tutorial NPC avatars.



1. Fixed Cross-Server War language errors.

2. Fixed problems with Erebus questions.