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League of Angels

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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: Release the Power of Evolution!


Update Time: Feb.8th
New Version: V3.90

New Hero:
1.Winter's Princess

He’s the evolution of Celestial Blade. Hero Skill: Soul Freeze

2.Son of Flames

He’s the evolution of Lapsed Eragon. Hero Skill: Dragon Mark

New Sylph:
Steel Destroyer

Her sword has reduced the finest warriors to ribbons.

New Mount:
1.Scarlet Dragon
He’s the evolution of Titian Dragon, Glamour skill: Scarlet Force
2.Crimson Dragon
He’s the evolution of Scarlet Dragon, Glamour skill: Crimson Rage
3.Hellfire Dragon
He’s the evolution of Crimson Dragon, Glamour skill: Hellfire Fury

New Angel in Angel System:

New Item:
1.Valentine’s Day Exclusive Tokens and Chests
Which include Cupid’s Heart and Cupid’s Arrow (exclusive tokens) and Valentine’s Day Chest.
2.Lucky Dawg and Spring Festival Chest
They are exclusive to the Spring Festival events.
3.Customized weapons for the 14th Champion Showdown winners

1.Demonic War is extended from 40 minutes to 60 minutes.
2.A new loading picture is added.
3.Optimized the Mount Evolve interface.

1.The word “Sturdiness” in Sylph Hall is changed to “Inherit”.
2.Fixed the display problem of heroes’Halo skills.
1.Smelting event will start on Feb. 19th.
2.The 29th CS Team Tournament will start on Feb. 20th.
3.Ten stories for Angel, Mount, Sylph, Fairy and Mount are added in Lore.