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League of Angels Updates v3.0282: New Hero Evolution system!


Update time: October 10th
Version number: 3.0282
We will be updating League of Angels to Version v3.0282. All servers will be updated on October 10th. The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete.

New Features:
1. New system Hero Evolution was released. You can evolve heroes Valkyrie, Arcane Spirit, Astral Hunter and Berserker Claw into Dark Valkyrie, Thunder Lord, Divine Hunter, and Godless Wolf, with better stats and better skills.
2. New angel Sunniva will be available in Angel’s Chest later.
3. New mount Moonlight Unicorn can be got by evolving Royal Unicorn. The Moonlight Unicorn Soul can be synthed by 250 Moonlight Unicorn Soul Shards in Forge.
4. New costume Sterling Moonbeam will be available in event later. It can be synthed by 250 Sterling Moonbeam Shards in Forge.

New Items:
New Holy Key was added in Angel’s Chest.

1. Add Valkyrie Crest, Arcane Spirit Crest, and Astral Hunter Crest into Cross Shop, which can be bought by Warrior’s Mark or Royal's Mark.
2. Stats of Smoldering Steed was strenthened.
3. Open x10 was added into Angel’s Chest.
4. The buff of Cherubstone was changed. Effect of Lvl. 11 Cherubstone’s buff was changed to 350%. And buff of Cherubstone over Lvl. 12 (including Lvl. 12 Cherubstone) was strenthened.
5. Players over VIP 4 or Lvl. 60 can clear CD when blitzing.
6. Summer Gear and Sterling Moonbeam were added into Bling.


The effect of Mystic’s skill was fixed to Electro DMG.

The League of Angels Team