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League of Angels

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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: Get Ready for Valentine's Day!


Romance is in the air as February 14th approaches. League of Angels's update this week has brought you a series of love items. Come and check them out!

Update Time: Feb. 1st

New Version: V3.90

New Angel:
Angel Skill: Violet Cleanse

New Clothing:

First Love

New Mount:
Blossom Beast

Glamour skill: Spring Blossom

New Fairy:
Princess Cheery

She is a beautiful princess from a far off continent. It’s said that her tears can cure any illness.

New Component and Blueprint for Homestead:
Valentine’s Day Components and Blueprint
Which include My Valentine Bear, Polychrome Roses, Couple's Mugs, Her Favorite Candy, Lover's Tree, True Love Padlock and Perfect Date Balloon.
1.Element training upgrade is increased to Lvl. 250.
2.The lore for Sylphs, fairies and mounts are added.

Divine War will start on Feb. 3rd.