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League of Angels

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Update: League of Angels 1.33


We have made the following changes to League of Angels:

1. Added Christmas events. 

A series of Christmas events are on from December 22 to 28. Check the Hot Events window for details!

2. Added the World Boss Lotto. 

From December 22 to 25, every day from 19:00-22:00, you can draw prizes in the World Boss menu. Check the Events Bonus window for details!

3. Added the Wheel of Luck

The Wheel of Luck will be open from December 26 to 28.

4. Added Christmas Angel Claudia. 

Claudia’s Icon can be redeemed in Shop -> Christmas.

5. Added Christmas Clothing: Santa’s Clothes. 

Santa’s Clothes can be redeemed in Shop-> Christmas.

6. Added Christmas Mount: Reindeer. 

Reindeer Soul can be redeemed in Shop -> Christmas.

7. Added Imperial Stallion Soul Shard to the Loop Quest

8. Modified Imperial Stallion’s tooltip

9. Modifited Big Bait description in Tidal Pool