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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: Get Ready for Valentine's Day!


Update Time: Feb. 9th
New Version: V 3.90
New Feature:
Guess Who
Who is the smartest one?
New Angel in Angel Awakening System:
She is the only angel who can get the 4th awakening.
New Amulet:
Titan’s Pillar
This amulet is exclusive to Earthshaker and his evolutions.
New Mount:
1.Rocket of Love

This mount is brought here in celebration of the Valentine month.

Glamour skill: Sugarcoated Bullet
2.Earth Armored Elephant
He is the evolution of Armored Elephant, with the unique glamour skill Earth Spirit
New Fairy:
1.Sweetheart Kitten

Often only appearing at night, this kitten is as cute a button and sure to draw attention wherever she goes.

2.The evolution of Mini Headless Horseman

New Component in Homestead:
Valentine’s Day Themed components
New Item:
Rainbow Rose, Yellow Rose and Blue Rose
These roses are exclusive to the Valentine’s Day special event.
Add a new loading picture for February.

1.Corrected the description of Exodus Blade and Dragon Clarion.
2.Corrected the description of the Khaos Equip Chest (Adv. Helmet).
1.Volatile Battlefield opens on Feb. 16th (server time).

2.The 23rd CS Tournament starts on Feb. 10th (server time).