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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Angel Zinnia Decends!


Update Time: Jan. 19th
New Version: V 3.90

New Angel:

Skill: Glory of Spring

Skill: Freezing Beam

They are two angels who have totally different personalities from each other. What will they bring to the angelic land during the Chinese Spring Festival?

New Clothing:
1.New Spring

2.Dark Winter

New Mount:
1.Auspicious Nian
Evolved from Nian, he determines to bring his master Auspicious Aura.
2.Tundra Hunter
Coming from the extreme north, he defeated enemies with his Frost Breath.

New Components and Background for Homestead:
Dark winter components and background
Build yourself a unique winter castle which no evils can breach.

New Item:
1.Exclusive 2017 Spring Festival Equipment
This set of equipment can only be obtained from the special Spring Festival events.
2.Twilight Movement
A movement written by Aoede, it contains the power of the Ancients.

New Amulet:
Dragon Slayer Sword
This amulet is exclusive to Silver Dragon Lord and his evolution.
Lvl. 14 fusion gems can be synthed and exchanged.
The 19th CS Team Tournament will start on Jan. 22nd.