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Update: League of Angels 1.23


The updates will be implemented on December 16 at 7:00 AM EST.

1. Added a new Mount, “Squires' Steed”, available in the shop for 199 Diamonds.

2. Added a new sale item: For 99 Diamonds you receive 20 Stamina and 250000 Gold.

3. Changed the following in-game pricing:

*Players who have already purchased with the original price will be compensated in Diamonds.

    1). Tidal Pool Laser: Old cost 250 Diamonds, new cost 100 Diamonds

    2). Arena Opponents Refresh: Old cost 100 Diamonds, new cost 50 Diamonds

    3). Garden Ransom: Decreased 50%

    4). Wyrm Race Refresh: Old cost 50 Diamonds, new cost 30 Diamonds

    5). Auricion: Old cost 1000 Diamonds, new cost 600 Diamonds

    6). Price for removing cooldown on joining a new Guild after leaving old one decreased by 80%

    7). Refresh Garden Enslave cooldown: Old cost 50 Diamonds, new cost 25 Diamonds

    8). Unlocking Hero Drill spots: Old prices: 500/2500/5000 Diamonds. New prices: 300/1500/3000 Diamonds

    9). Unlocking Garden plots: Old prices: 500/1000/2500/5000 Diamonds. New Prices: 300/600/1500/3000 Diamonds

4. The default gun is level 5 in the Tidal Pool: As the gun's level increases, so does the hit rate on fish. Players can also adjust the level of the gun they are using by clicking the plus and minus signs next to the gun.

5. Optimized reconnection system for users who disconnect suddenly.