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Artifact Workshop

Artifact Workshop

1. The Artifact Workshop feature will open when your character reaches Lv.70.

2. The Artifact Workshop system can be used to refine your Angel Artifacts. You can equip your angel with Artifact to get Artifact skills and to increase the Battle Rating.

Artifact Workshop system consists of five parts, Artifact Upgrade, Artifact Evolve, Burnish Artifact, Socket Artifact, Inherit Artifact.

Artifact Upgrad
You can use Artifact EXP Card or other Artifacts to upgrade the target Artifact.

Artifact Evolve
In this part, you can evolve an artifact by consuming artifact and artifact Essence.

Burnish Artifact
1.Only sockets with gems attached can be burnished;
2.Burnish upgrades sockets instead of gems.
3.According to the Aura level the Artifact gem stat bonus will increase by 5%, 7%, 9%, 11%, 13%, 15% (successful burnish required). Stats can be stacked.
4.All sockets need to reach the same Aura level to be upgraded;
5.Higher quality Artifacts have a higher Aura level cap. Sockets for Golden Artifacts’ can reach Aura +6
6.Burnished Artifacts can not be used as Upgrade or Evolve materials.
7.Burnish may fail, but the progress will increase. Burnish will have a 100% success rate after reaching full progress.

Socket Artifact
1.The amount of available sockets depends on the Artifact’s quality, higher quality Artifacts give more sockets. Golden Artifacts have 6 sockets
2.Gems of the same type cannot be socketed together.
3.Socketed gems will gain an Aura after they have been burnished.
4.All gems must be removed before inheriting.

Inherit Artifact
1.The original Artifact enhance level will be transformed into EXP and added to the target Artifact.
2.The original Artifact engrave level will also be transformed into EXP and added to the target Artifact.
3.Original Artifact can not transfer it’s properties to Artifacts that have a lower quality.
4.All gems must be removed before inheriting.
5.Inherit will switch the original Artifact and target Artifact’s burnish socket level (limited by the level cap), surplus sockets will be consumed.

Tips about Angel Artifact
1.Equip an Angel Artifact to set Artifact skills.
2.After setting Angel Artifact skills, the selected skills will be cast within the first 4 turns in battle.
3.The same type of Angel Artifacts cannot be equipped at the same time. 
4.The initial Angel Artifact skill depends on the agility of the deployed Angels in PvP battles.
5.Bonus Angel Artifact stats depend on the deployed Angels.

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