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League of Angels

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In League of Angels, players may join a guild once they reach level 10. 
Guild members can collect wages from their guild once per day.

They may also donate to the guild and receive Honor badges. Honor badges are used to buy items from the guild shop. Donations can go towards guild level, guild flag, and various other bonuses.

When guild level increases, the maximum number of members will also increase. In addition, guild wages will increase.

Raising guild flag level gives every member of the guild a stat boost.

Donating to the other bonuses will give all members said bonuses.


League of Angels Guild Bonuses



It costs 50,000 gold to start your own guild.
Guild Leaders have additional functions. They may appoint classes within the guild. League of Angels Guild Functions

They may also transfer leadership by clicking the “Change Leader” button next to the person they want to be the new leader.


Guild Leaders may also add an announcement or send a private message via in-game mail for every member to read.




League of Angels Appoint Class

Guild Leaders may invite people individually or select “Not enough people” in the Apply menu to automatically accept guild applications.


League of Angels Guild Apply


Finally, the guild leader's last function is “Dissolve Guild”. This will delete the guild.


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