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How to get a high B.R by Ellineus (S76)


Character Name: Ellineus

Server Number: GTArcade - Auricion (S76)


Methods to Improve BR:

First, you have to do as many events as possible in a day to gain materials needed to boost your BR:

a) Do alchemy, jackpot and get herosouls from "Recruit"

b) Do wyrm race and raiders

c) Do gardening. The best combination for a day would be planting 2 times of Lvl. 2 Medium Gold Seeds and the rest all Lvl. 2 Small Gold Seeds. This is the maximum gold you could earn in a day, for non-paying players.

d) Do Team Dungeon and Inferno

e) Check in daily as many times as possible to get check-in rewards, and go to "Daily Loot" and pay attention to devotion points

f) Blitz Zodiac and Eternal Spire

g) Do tidal pool

f) Pay attention to "Hot Events" and special events

g) Do Cross Server Mining Race

h) Do Drill

i) Do Gemology and Dragontaming

j) Do Solo Arena, Team Arena and Clash of Might

k) Do as many Daily Tasks as possible

l) Do all Loop Quest

m) Do Guild Events like Twilight Clash and Gauntlet

In short, do everything possible!

By doing the events stated above, you could earn EXP, money, vouchers, gems, socketing rod, synth scroll, timeskip scrolls, soulstones, blessed stones, seraph stones, angel tears, refining stones, rune stones, dragonsouls, dragonsoul essences, warsouls, holy crystals, aegis shards, emblem shards and so on, all needed to boost your BR.

*Don't forget about Voucher Shops, Arena Shops;and Gold Shops to get valuable materials like Seraph Stones, Soulstones, Blessed Stones, Natural Wing Shards (to synth wings!), Timeskip Scroll and so on. One wise tip about shopping in Voucher Shops is "buy things only when there is 5% or 10% discounts if applicable". That way you save vouchers to buy more stuffs.

Remember to:

1) Worship your angels every day to get angels stats bonus

2) Train your mount and heroes, and upgrade them!

3) Bond with your angels, upgrade them (with holy crystals) and evolve them, don't forget about your Guardian Angels and Cherubstones

4) Enhance, refine and enchant your equipment and socket high level gems in them

5) Drill your heroes as many times as possible

6) Rebirth heroes whom you'll use for a long time

7) Upgrade your rune level and dragonsoul level

8) Join guild feast if possible to earn prestige and prizes

9) Upgrade Astral

10) Earn Flairs from special events

11) Do skill training to upgrade active skills and passive skills

Conclusion: That's all you need to improve your BR. However, to actually win in battles, you need to think about hero choice, gems choice and setup, how to allocate your resources (e.g. put more efforts into your main character and angel) and how to fine tune the agility of your heroes, and so on. Good luck!

Any views or opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the League of Angels staff.