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Archer Report by NukeCheese from S291


Archer of Midas :P

Archer is one of my favorite class and i chose it for a certain dynamics such as his buffs and high critical rate, however of course every class has a pros and cons...it is up to you how will you handle your character, turning your weakness as a strength. I don't think that all of the class in LOA has an advantage its how you handle the character is the real deal, and it is only given that the stat attribute in each class has to be balance dpending on their role weather melee, range or magic....But lets face it the real advantage of any class is the ability to recharge DIAMONDS :P..... rather than giving the advantage and disadvantage, TIPS would be more useful in such type of game paradigm.

TIPS: (archers)

    :: Normal Dungeon - ATK/HP (actually atk is enough, doesnt really need to use def/mdef) if you have the rare gems such as HIT/CRIT can also be paired with ATK                                 gems for faster killing machine type of party.

    :: Special Dungeons - ATK/DEF/HP or ATK/MDEF/HP why 3!? because on special dungeons such as Zodiac battle/events with elite mobs...defensive gems will help                                   you to increase your total damage....sometimes you have to consider on your survivability also to stand out on a battle.

    :: PVP                  - ATK/DEF/MDEF/HP this is the best combination of gems that you can use in pvp..because as much as possible you have to utilize your maximum                                   damage and survivability as high as possible, meaning the higher gem you can craft the better chance of winning.


    :: Normal Dungeon - better to use assult type chars...to speed up your raid. doesnt need much of a healing/support type of char in norms.

    :: Special Dungeons - Considering its a special dungeon, it means the mobs are exceptionally strong, so i recommend to add tanker and healer recruit in your                                    party...with a proper allocation and positioning of your chars will increase the rate of your winning turnover.

    :: PVP(ARENA)      - You can use a typical or combination of your choice here since you can choose an opponent depending on your B.R. so if the opponent is                                   lower, can use all assult type of char....however sometimes you will find an opponent with most likely the same or a bit higher than your B.R

                                So use tanker and healer for your party combination.

    ::PVP(COM)          - A special pvp ranking match with allows you to face strong opponent as you rank up, So i prefer to make a permanent party set up for this type                                 of pvp, Tankers and Healers are important so the survivability of your team is high.


    :: Training         - Always traing your recruited char using soulstone, to enhance their battle capabilities and it also increases your B.R.

    :: Forge            - Always use an updated armor set and enchance them to the fullest as possible most item has limit of 5, 20 , 50 dpending on lvl of item. and also                               dont forget to make your gem slots full for you to be able to use more gems than usual, always change your gems according to the availability.

    :: Angel           - Upgrade your angel as much as possible to aid most of your battle...bond and worship them to get additional attributes and status buffs. Also                             chose an angel with a buffs that will utilize your archer such as crit and atk buffing angel.

    :: Diamond        - of all the things than can make you strong this is the REAL DEAL...its nothing more to say, if you can recharge Diamonds, you'll own the GAME for                             sure XD.

    IGN: NukeCheese

Server: HESPERIS(S291) - GMT

Any views or opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the League of Angels staff.