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Armament General Guide


Armament General Guide
                                                   ————Thanks to our FM Moderator freyafm

Armament (StableCraftwork) is our newest feature which unlocks at Lvl. 74.

This adds more stats to your mounts, but as well to your heroes!

You can find the interface at the bottom ofthe screen (see picture 1 below), or it can be accessed through Stable à Stable Craftwork (see picture 2 below).

Picture 1

Picture 2

Now, this system brings a lot of interesting options to boost your stats. We have so many new options that it might be confusing at the beginning, but it’s not that complicated once you understand the system.

In this new feature, there are eight places available for you to equip and improve your mounts and heroes. "Armaments", "Upgrade","Synth", “Enchant”, “Improve”, “Socket”, “Recycle” and“Exchange”.  

1. Armaments

A. The Quality of Qualities:
There are six qualities in total: Uncommon,Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Golden.
Attempts needed to upgrade armaments will depend on its quality.

B. Where to Get the Armaments:
All mounts in Stable will receive an Armament(Common) automatically. Higher-quality armaments can be obtained through Alliance Expedition, Events and new Gameplay Horse Treasure.

C. Each Armament has a specific stat that will improve:

- Worg Spine adds HP
- Eagle Claw adds MATK and PATK
- Shark Tear adds PDEF and MDEF
- Grizzly Fang adds Agility
- Tiger Eye adds Hit Rating and Crit Rating
- T-rex Bone adds Dodge Rating and End Rating

D. Soul Chain

This option will give you the chance to choose whichstats to boost more on each mount. Please observe the picture below. You willnotice that 2 stats will only be the same: “DMG to Armament increased”and “ArmamentDMG received reduced”. The stat that you can change, it’s the first one,which can be: “Increases Agility”, “Increases DEF”, “Increases ATK”, and “Increases HP”.

2. Upgrade Armaments

The higher the quality of armaments is, the moreyou can do to upgrade them!
Upgrading these armaments requires a specific item (Magic Mount Soul), which can be gained through Alliance Expedition, Horse Treasure and different event Shops.

There are 2 options to upgrade an Armament: “Upgrade” and “1-click Upgrade”. The “Upgrade” option will use 1 required resource towardsthe upgrade, where the “1-click Upgrade” option will fully upgrade 1 level.

    If you notice the picture above, you will see that atcertain levels you will have to Breakthrough in order to upgrade more each armament. Some low levels require just for Stable Crystals and some higher levels require another armament (level 0) of the same type you are trying to upgrade, plus the Stable Crystals.

  You also have the option to Recycle any armament. When you do that, all materials used in upgrade and breakthrough will be returned.

3. Synth Armaments

There are 2 ways to Synth an armament: “Upgrade” or“Synth”

Upgrade (using full armaments)

5 x Uncommon Armaments = 1 Rare Armament

5 x Rare Armaments = 1 Epic Armament

5 x Epic Armaments = 1 Legendary Armament

5 x Legendary Armaments = 1 Mythic Armament

5 x Mythic Armaments + 50 Mount Reins = 1 GoldenArmament

Synth (using shards of armaments)

10 x Uncommon Armament Shards = 1 Uncommon Armament

10 x Rare Armament Shards = 1 Rare Armament

20 x Epic Armament Shards = 1 Epic Armament

20 x Legendary Armament Shards = 1 LegendaryArmament

50 x Mythic Armament Shards = 1 Mythic Armament

50 x Golden Armament Shards + 1 Print (specific foreach golden armament) = 1 Golden Armament

Also the option to synth your Crystals is avalaible (Crystals can pe equipped in the Sockets of each Armament)
You will have 3 options to synth a crystal.

To synth 1 x  lvl2 Lustrous Crystal you can use:

3 x lvl 1 Lustrous Crystals (with 50% Success Rate)

4 x lvl 1 Lustrous Crystals (with 75% Success Rate)

5 x lvl 1 Lustrous Crystals (with 100% Success Rate)

4. Enchant Armaments

This option gives you the chance to increase even more the stats on your heroes! Simply select one of your hero that has equipped an armament, then select the armament you want to Enchant and use Blessed Stones to upgrade. The upgrades will be made for the actual spot, not the armament. That way, if you equip a different quality, the enchant will remain there.

Also a very nice bonus will be available once you have activated some combos. Hover your mouse over the shield in the right tab (see picture below) and you can see how you can improve your stats even more!!!

More details about how stats add you can find out if youclick the “ Help “ option in the right top cornet of Enchant interface.

5. Improve Armaments

But wait! There is more! Just when you thought you areexhausted your option of improving your stats, we find the latest Feature implemented in the Armaments.
Improving Armaments gives you even a greater chance to increase you stats. The procedure is the same as Upgrading or Enchanting. Select the hero, select the Armament and improve away!!!

Also the Recycle it’s available just like in Upgrade. All materials used to recycle will be returned 100%.

The material used to Improve it’s called “Holly Stone” which can be acquired only from Armament Recycle (will be discussed in point 7).

Star Combo!!
Another Combo that could give you better stats!

Let’s not forget about breakthrough. Every  10 levels you will have to breakthrough in order to improve to a higher lvl. The material needed is: Stable Crystal.

6. Socket Armaments

This feature works mainly like the normal Hero Socket in Forge. You collect your crystals from events, you synth then and you socket them.

Each Crystal gives a certain stat bonus and each lvl of the crystal also gives greater and better stats as the lvl gets higher.

What is so exciting about Armament Socket,  is that 3rd, 4th and 5thsocket give extra % bonus when a Crystal it’s equipped.

An Uncommon Armament can have 1 socket

An Epic Armament can have 2 sockets

A Legendary Armament can have 3 sockets and 1 x % bonus: 120%

A Mythic Armament can have 4 sockets and 2 x %bonuses: 120% and 140% (see picture above)

A Golden Armament can have 5 sockets and 3 x  % bonuses: 120%, 140% and 160% (see picturebelow)

So you can basically socket in the spots with the bonus whatever you want to increase more for your heroes’ stats.
In order to unlock your sockets, you’ll have to use Armament Socketing Rods (see picture below)

7. Recycle Armaments

This is the place where you can go and Recycle your FULL Armaments and receive in exchange Holy Stone, which are used to upgrade in Armament Improve.

Each Armament gives a specific amount of Holy Stone, as iffollows:

Recycle 1 Uncommon Armament gives you  5 x Holy Stone

Recycle 1 Rare Armament gives you  25 x Holy Stone

Recycle 1 Epic Armament gives you  125 x Holy Stone

Recycle 1 Legendary Armamentgives you  625 x Holy Stone

Recycle 1 Mythic Armament gives you  3125 x Holy Stone

Recycle 1 Golden Armament gives you  15625 x Holy Stone

8. Exchange Armaments

   This option gives you the opportunity to exchange your Armaments and Crystals to what you need more.

For Armaments, you can exchange ONLY the shards though(see picture below)

For the Crystals it’s simple, you exchange with any of the other Crystals that you might need.
There is required Gold for each Exchange.

We hope that this general guide about how Armament works will be usefull and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

The League of Angels Team