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Embrace Sea of Flowers in Homestead in League of Angels!


League of Angels, the award-winning MMORPG, is excited to introduce a new set of Homestead components: Sea of Flowers. Players can now decorate their Homestead and watch their Battle Rating sky rocket. All deployed heroes will gain a great increase in stats once certain components are placed on the Sea of Flowers Blueprint. Read below to learn more!

Requirement: Lvl. 71+ players; Lvl.4 Housing Area
Entrance: Enter the Sea of Flowers Blueprint by clicking on the "Switch Blueprint" button.

To make full use of Homestead and the Sea of Flowers Blueprint, please check the Q&A below.

Q1: What is the Sea of Flowers Blueprint?
A: It's a new map which enables players to place specific components and gain great stat bonuses for all deployed units.

Q2: How do I decorate the Sea of Flowers Blueprint?
A: Switch to Sea of Blueprint and place specific components onto the Sea of Blueprint.
Friendly reminder: Only the Sea of Flowers series components can be placed on the blueprint to the specific position.

Q3: How will these decorations affect my battle rating?
A: After you switch to the Sea of Flowers Blueprint and complete the decoration, you will gain Battle Rating from two areas. One is the original Homestead score that transfers into battle rating with the help of the 3x3 component; the other is from the Sea of Flowers Blueprint. All deployed units will gain stats buff after you complete the decoration in Sea of Flowers Blueprint.

Q4: How do I know whether I've finished the decoration or not?
A: Click "Switch to Blueprint" to check the progress of the decoration. Once you've completed the decoration, the stat bonuses will be also shown on the left corner of the screen and your Homestead B.R. will be increased greatly.

Q5: Can I place the Sea of Flowers series components on the other maps?
A: Yes. The Sea of Flowers series can also be placed in other characteristic maps, just like all other components.
In addition, the Garden Windmill, which is the only 3x3 component in the Sea of Flowers series, adds a lot more Homestead Score than other components of its kind.

The Sea of Flowers Blueprint and components will be available in future events. Level up your Homestead and stay tuned for more exciting events to come in League of Angels!

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