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Doomsday Trial


To protect his Angels, a warrior must have great power and determination. Players can now reach new heights of BR now that Sylph Gear can be enhanced and ascended, which will greatly increase the buff of your equipment. Doomsday Trial is a new feature which enables players to challenge bosses, gain different rewards and exchange for necessary materials to ascend their Sylph gear equipment! Check out the new features below.


Character Level: Lvl. 71+

Divine Realm Level: Lvl. 10+


All qualified players can access this new feature in City Features.


Are you brave enough to challenge different bosses in order to gain rare materials? There are 18 maps available. After completing the required tasks in each map, players will be able to gain their rewards and blitz to save time.  
Every player has 10 attempts for free every day. Challenge attempts reset ever day. Extra challenges can be purchased using diamonds

Possible Drops

A great hero deserves great rewards. Soul of Doom and Core of Constraint will drop randomly after players complete the required tasks.

Soul of Doom: A special token which can be used to buy all kinds of items in Doomsday Trial Shop.

Core of Constraint: A stone found in Prurgatory, which can be used for sylph gear training.

Doomsday Trial Shop

Divine Realm Equipment prints are exclusive to Doomsday Trial Shop.

Meanwhile, the Doomsday Trial Shop provides a more convenient way to get Core of Constriant and Flaring Heart to enhance and ascend Sylph Gear.

Flaring Heart: A flame essence derived from a Superior Temple, it can be used for sylph gear ascension.

We hope all players will enjoy the new features and look forward to more coming to League of Angels!