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Volatile Battlefields: Be the Conqueror!


Conquer the Volatile Battlefields in League of Angels!

Grab your weapons and be the conqueror! Volatile Battlefield is a new feature which enables players to fight through alliances and gain great rewards! 

Make sure that you can join the battlefield, please check the event schedule below:

Day 1
Sign up
Day 2
Preliminary 1
Day 3
Preliminary 2
Day 4
Top 8
Day 5
Top 4
Day 6
Day 7

Q1: When should I sign up?     

A: Registration is only available on THE FIRST DAY from 00: 00 - 23:59. Only Alliance Leaders and Deputies have the right to sign up

Note: Registration will fail if less than 6 players in the Alliance have logged in to the game within 7 days of the registration.     

Q2: Whom can I fight with during the Preliminary?

A: Random Alliances will confront one another based on the Alliance's total BR.

Q3: How do the Top 8, Top 4 and Grand Final work?

A: The Top 8 Alliances will battle against one another. In knockout mode, winners will enter the next round while those defeated will leave battle.

Q4: When can I receive the rewards?

A: All alliances who have joined the battles will gain rewards. Top 8 Alliances will gain ranking rewards, other Alliances participation rewards. Rewards can be claimed for 14 consecutive days before the next Preliminary takes place.  

Q5: Can I bet during the event?

A: All players can bet after the Top 8 competition starts. Correct bets win double the wager and wrong bets lose all wagers.

We hope all players will enjoy the new Volatile Battlefields and have a good time in game!