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The New Round of Volatile Battlefields: Be the Conqueror!


Conquer the Volatile Battlefields in League of Angels!

Christmas is a time of giftgiving, as well as rewards claiming. The new round of Volatile Battlefields will open on Dec. 24th(server time)! Grab your weapons and be the conqueror!

Make sure that you can join the battlefield during the Christmas season. Check the event schedule below:

Day 1
Sign up
Day 2
Preliminary 1
Day 3
Preliminary 2
Day 4
Top 8
Day 5
Top 4
Day 6
Day 7

Learn more about the rules, please check below:

1. Registration:        

1)Registration is only available on THE FIRST DAY from 00: 00 - 23:59.        
2)Only Alliance Leaders and Deputies have the right to sign up.        

3)Registration will fail if less than 6 players in the Alliance have logged in to the game within 7 days of the registration.     

2. Preliminary:

Random Alliances will confront one another based on the Alliance's total BR.

3. Top 8, Top 4 & Grand Final:

The Top 8 Alliances will battle against one another. In knockout mode, winners will enter the next round while those defeated will leave battle.

4. Rewards:

All alliances who have joined the battles will gain rewards. Top 8 Alliances will gain ranking rewards, other Alliances participation rewards. Rewards can be claimed for 14 consecutive days before the next Preliminary takes place.  

All players can bet after the Top 8 competition starts. Correct bets win double the wager and wrong bets lose all wagers.

We hope all players will enjoy the new Volatile Battlefields and have a good time during the Christmas season!