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Interview with Cross-Server Tournament champion——Burning


Today, we are honored to have Burning, a Lv. 76 LOA player from Singapore in the US-East S20 server, who made his way through the Cross-Server Tournament and crowned himself. 

Nicky:  Burning, how long have you been playing LOA, and how did you know about this game?
Burning: I started playing this game in the end of Jan, after I saw ads of this game on a website of another game. At that time LOA did not have Oceanic servers thus I had to play in the US-East server. 

(Whispers from Nicky: now we have many servers in different time zones. If you notice you are in the wrong time zone when you enter a server, please shift to a new server and we can provide a transfer of VIP level and diamonds.)

Nicky: As a Singaporean in the US-East server, the time difference may make you miss many events, but you still managed to turn your character into a berserker with 2200k BR. How did you deal with the time difference and how many hours do you spend in the game per day? 
Burning: I tried my best to log in the game every day, and do all the things I could. I could hardly ever take part in the World Boss and the daily question events, which lead to a lack of coins. I had to use other methods to compensate for this loss. 

(Whisper from Nicky: time is money.)

Nicky: In the Cross-Server tournament, did you presume from the beginning that you would rank the top?
Burning: I was not sure about that because I lost in the last tournament. 

(Whisper from Nicky: I am quite sure that I have to do every interview...)

Nicky: Do you have any experiences to share with us about your battle skills and your heroes?
Burning: I thought I might replace my Valkyria with a Dark Paladin.

(Whisper from Nicky: Here is the battle array from when Burning won.)

Nicky: During the last 6 months, which battle impressed you most?
Burning: A battle in the last month, as I just mentioned, my enemy was very smart and was able to defeat me with a much lower BR.

(Whisper from Nicky: At that time, Burning’s enemy managed to take down his whole battle party with just Hella and Hero. This left a great impression on many people.)

Nicky: As for your friends and partners in the alliance, do you have anything to tell them?
Burning: Actually I hardly play together with my alliance due to the time difference, but I can meet Juke (my wife) in the game almost everyday! 

(Whisper from Nicky: Actually, I hear that Burning’s alliance partners often complain that they cannot understand him due to his poor typing skills! I don’t think he realizes.) 

Well then, this interview is now over. Will Burning retain his crown in the new tournament? Let’s wait and see. 

Outcome of this Cross-Server Tournament:





























Congratulations to all the crowned players! The first Angle figurine will be delivered to Burning through express mail. Let’s hope that more players will get our Angle Display (every player can get only one Angle figurine. If the crowned player in the next tournament has already had the Angle figurine, such as Burning, the prize will go to the player ranked second).

League of Angels Team