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Angel World Cup Reward List


  Angel world cup has been successfully concluded. Our brave warriors had many epic fights and got great achievements.
Congratulations Team Retribution and Team Afterlife, they made to the TOP 64 of the world, won a glorious victory!
The following players in these 2 teams will get Angel world cup glory pack and one set of world cup limited clothing.
Team Retribution                 Team Afterlife
iStorM                          Vhal 
Slayer                          JackNg
Whiky                          Hero
Lance                          Manapause
xN30x                          Destroga

  Other angel world cup players will get Angel world cup warrior pack and Glory Badge.

  Angel world cup glory pack contains 1 Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest, 600 Royal's Mark, 300 Blessed Stones, 300 Seraph's Stones and 1 Lvl. 7 Cherubstone!
Angel world cup warrior pack contains 1 Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest, 300 Royal's Mark, 150 Blessed Stones, 150 Seraph's Stones and 1 Lvl. 6 Cherubstone!
  Enough Glory Badges can be used to exchange angel world cup limited clothing in events menu.

  Thank you warriors, for all your support, we’d like to see you in the next Angel world cup event!

  The League of Angels Team

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