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Decorate Thanksgiving Table and Claim Your Rewards!


Happy Thanksgiving!

As you are preparing for Thanksgiving Feast, League of Angels has also prepared a new Thanksgiving event just for you! Decorate your own Thanksgiving table and obtain wishing points, and you will be able to claim lots of rewards. Rewards include the special Thanksgiving Equipment. Come and learn more about it!

The event is made up of two parts: Thanksgiving Upgrade and Thanksgiving Wish. The more wishing points you get, the better rewards you will be able to get. The higher the level, the better the rewards.

>How to Get Higher levels

Decorate the Thanksgiving Table as you like. Pumpkins, tamotoes and corns are all at your disposal. To decorate 1 time requires 10 Pumpkin, 10 Tomatoes or 10 Corns.

>How to Obtain Wishing Points

Remember: The more wishing points you get, the better rewards you will be able to get. To give players a chance to get a lot of points, there are four ways to obtain the points.

>Where to Get the Pumpkins/Tomatoes/Corns

All the accessories will be available in the Garden Shop! Enter Garden and start planting them now!

Additionally, you can also find them in Hot Events and Shop. Go get'em!

>What Are the rewards?

Thanksgiving Equipment! Open the gift boxes and equip your heroes! Use them to triumph over your enemies!

NOTE: the event will be available from Nov.21st to Nov.25th(server time)! Hope you will enjoy this new event and explore more news to play League of Angels!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

The League of Angels Team