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Angel World Cup Announcement


Dear players, 

Since we have some game data error in World Cup Servers, matches has been carried out will not be counted, we are sorry about your lose. Our engineers are dealing with these data problems right now. The world cup Cross-Server Team Tournament will open again once we fixed all the problems! Thank you for your understanding and support.

New Schedule:

The Angel World Cup event will be held over the next 10 days as follows:
June 28 –June 29 (Server Time - HKT): Single Server Team Selection – Within these 2 days players must create their own teams.
June 30 – July 2 (Server Time - HKT): Single Server Preliminaries – Each server will have 36 teams fight it out for their chance to enter the Cross-Server Competition.
July 4 - July 7: Rest Day
July 8 – July 9 (Server Time - HKT): Cross-Server Competition –The surviving 16 Teams from different servers will fight it out. The top 4 teams will make it to the knockout stage. 
July 10 – July 11 (Server Time - HKT): Knockout Stage – The 4 remaining teams will fight it out for the title of champion. 


The League of Angels Team