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The Victoriana Figurine


The Victoriana Figurine has taken months to complete but it seems as though the wait was worth it! Look at how incredible she looks!



I’m sure we can all agree the final product looks splendid. The model design was decided upon by expert artists, while the model itself was perfected by a renowned and experienced sculptor. In the picture below you can see the final product, with paint and all!




The step-by-step procedure took months of preparation and execution. In the picture below you can see the figurine still in its incomplete state without the paint applied. Even at this stage you can see the exquisite detail of the model. 



The goal of the artists was to create a figurine that looks as alive as possible. The painting of the armor required a special technique. As you can see from the picture below, the armor almost looks real! It shines in the light and looks remarkably realistic.



The League of Angels Team