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New Server Ravenfall ​Arrives 2:00 PM October 12th 2016 GMT!


Get ready for a new challenge! Ravenfall, the 1362th server for League of Angels will open on 2:00 PM Oct. 12th 2016 GMT!  

Ravenfall will observe Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)and feature all your favorite Events and features including Team Dungeons, Team Arena, PvE Dungeons, Guardian Angel, Hero & Mount UpgradeRaiders, Cross server war plus the brand new Angel Evolution and Hero Elemental Training! Get ready to join and save the world from the forces of evil!

P.S.: From 10/12/2016, League of Angels will bring you a new server which observes different time zones(including GMT, PST and HKT) every Wednesday. Always be prepared, brave warriors!