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League of Angels Dev Team Q&A


The League of Angels team would like to thank all of you who put forth the following suggestions to help improve our game. For those of you who have great ideas of your own, please do not hesitate to tell us in the Suggestions section of our forums.

Q. In future will there be more classes and Heroes to choose from?
A. Of course! We will be continuously adding more classes and Heroes. What kind of classes are you hoping to see?

Q. Will battles become less automated, and allow greater freedom to control the outcome of  
battles? Specifically, it would be nice to be able to select individual skills to use each turn. What’s 
the likelihood of such a change?
A. Great question, we have received a lot of feedback on this. We are planning on making battles more interactive so that you will have more freedom in gaining the upper hand!

Q. Will there be more skills and character upgrades to choose from in future? It would be nice to see more personalization when developing a character.
A. Absolutely! We plan on adding a number of additional skills and upgrade features that will assist you in developing your unique character!

Q. Will there be more Team Dungeons and Arena modes?
A. Right on! In future we plan on releasing more Team Dungeons and more modes of Arena for you to enjoy with other players.

Q. Currently the selection of equipment for characters and Heroes is quite limited. Will there be more equipment with different stats to choose from in future?
A. As a matter of fact, you can find more equipment right now! As you progress in level you will find more and more equipment available for your character and Heroes.

Q. Is there a way to gain experience while I’m offline? For example, if I log off, can I leave my character and Heroes training while I am away?
A. Yes, there sure is! You can leave your character to Blitz through Dungeons while you are offline, while your Heroes can also do Drills while you are away.

Q. I frequently run out of Stamina. Will more Stamina rewarding Events and Quests be added so I can continue playing each day?
A. Your wish is our command! We can add more Stamina rewarding Quests and Events. We also recommend you join a Guild in order to have more ways to enjoy the game without Stamina. 

Q. Can the yellow text that appears after completing a Quest be removed? It gives the feeling that I am pressured to complete the Quest described in the text. I would much rather choose my own path. 
A. No problem there, we can lower the rate at which this text appears. Also, please note that this text does not display after reaching Level 20. 

Q. The Hot Events are not noticeable enough. Can they be made more obvious?
A. Most definitely! In future we will highlight the Hot Events to make it more obvious to you and other players. 

Q. Can a reminder appear each time there is a new Event?
A. Yes! We also want you to know when we have a new Event for you to enjoy. We will of course remind you each time a new Event is opened. 

Q. Can the Title of players appear above their heads to let everyone know what Title they have?
A. That’s a great idea! In future the Title of players will appear above their heads. 

Q. Can the server time be displayed on the screen at all times in an apparent location? 
A. This can be done! We have also realized the difficulty in locating the current server time. In future you can expect to see it clear as day!

Q. Can more Costumes be added? Also, is there a way to make popular and on sale items easier to buy, such as an instant buy icon on the main screen?
A. Costumes are awesome! As such, we are planning on adding more Costumes as time goes on. As for an easy way to purchase popular and on-sale items, such items are currently one click away on the front page of the shop!

Q. Can the limit on the number of friends a player can have be increased?
A. Indeed! Players can increase this limit by increasing his or her VIP Level.

Q. Will there be servers for different locations around the world?
A. Of course! As the game grows we plan to open more and more servers to cater for everyone!